Love, Nature, and Music
She sings to brighten up your day.

Elli K is an artist from South Korea who has captivated fans over a decade with her magical voice and aura. Elli’s inspirations for her artistry comes from love, nature, and music. Elli has been prolific in singing and producing records and being featured in soundtracks of many major films and TV shows such as K-drama series ‘Watcher’ (2019), film ‘Golden Slumbers’ (2017), and ‘Don’t Dare to Dream’ (2016).


Elli was classically trained since the young age. Rather than staying in this safe zone, however, her love for all music expanded her repertoire to include many different genres, languages, and cultures. Her unique approach and openness to the craft have blossomed into magnificent artistry.


Elli’s previous albums, SONNET, and A GARDEN OF HER OWN, includes songs in five different languages and genres ranging from traditional, to acoustic and ambient pop. Elli is expanding her boundaries and her new journey has led her to the United States to reach an international audience.


Elli strongly believes in the positive energy and power of music for the well-being of the soul.  She wants her listeners to feel comfort and sympathy. She believes that just as we feed our bodies with good food, we must also feed our souls with good music being a key ingredient. However, this does not mean that music needs to evoke happy feelings all the time. Love is beautiful precisely because it is so multifaceted and because it evokes so many different emotions. Sometimes it is happiness and celebration; sometimes it is agony and pain. Elli wants to commune and empathize with broader audiences with her songs to bring joy and healing to the soul. In Elli's word, "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything."



First Album 

LOVE COLLAGE is an entire sentimental chronicle of love. Each song is a distinct experience of love, from the first beating of the heart, to its pinnacle blossoming, maturing, and to its ultimate fading. Elli K narrated this timeless story in a very organic and confidential way with her intimate and genuine sound. Not too fancy, but elegant, simple yet profound.  


The songs in LOVE COLLAGE, is produced in the heart of Hollywood by music producer/composer Leo Z, who has worked with countless acclaimed artists, such as Josh Groban and Nathan Pacheco. The musicians featured on the album are some of the very best in Hollywood, and the entire album was recorded at the prestigious and historic Capitol Studios and EastWest Studios. The songs in LOVE COLLAGE capture the essence love and its many colors with beauty, lyricism, and sensibility. 

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#1 New Life

#2 My Everything

#3 Love

#4 Dawn

#5 The Shadow of Your Smile


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전체 동영상

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